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South Bend's Center for History invited us to help them reconnect the historic Oliver Mansion, formerly known as Copshaholm, with city residents as well as a more geographically diverse audience of old home enthusiasts. Over 100 years ago J.D. Oliver and his family moved into this amazing mansion. Now, that mansion will bear the name of its first family and get a new identity to go along with it.

With the intention of making the community and visitors more aware of the iconic mansion, the Center for History charged us with the task of creating a new identity for the Oliver Mansion. Most of our inspiration came from the home's many unique architectural profiles. Not surprisingly, this became the focus for the new mark. The distinct Victorian stylings and sweeping roofline were the perfect inspiration. By using positive and negative space, we were able to model a logo that depicts the actual mansion itself. This gives potential visitors a sneak peek into what the home looks like, in hopes of peeking their interest.

After touring the mansion we found two dominant colors that are seen throughout this time period. The golden okra color was very popular in Victorian home furnishings and vintage furniture. We balanced the okra with a very bold crimson red that gives the mark a punch of color and excitement. When you put it all together, this logo gives the Oliver Mansion a solid foundation that will be recognized for years to come.

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