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Above & Beyond: Delta Does Video Right

If you have traveled Delta Air Lines in the last couple years, you have undoubtedly been entertained by their campy approach to safety instructions. Now take a look at this new TV commercial they have produced called "Take Off: Why We Go."

I am mentioning these two very different uses of video to once again make the case for the power and importance of creativity in message delivery. As I have expressed before, too many marketers believe when it comes to communicating marketing messages in whatever medium, good enough is good enough. The thought process, I can only assume, is that creativity is nice, but is seldom worth the time, effort and expense.

To those individuals, I would raise this question. How many times have you flown on a plane and totally ignored the pre-flight safety instructions? Hey, we’ve all heard these instructions a million times before, let me go back to reading my newspaper. Been there, done that myself… many times. But next time you fly Delta, watch the eyes of the people as the safety video is played. Most of them are really paying attention. Maybe not for the right reasons, but because they are curious what kind of silly shtick the Delta video producers are using to illustrate these routine instructions.

The TV spot, of course, has a totally different feel. But it is equally compelling. Between the desire to know what this video is depicting and the power of Donald Sutherland’s voiceover, it draws the viewer in and demands attention. It also makes a strong statement about the “why” of a major commercial airline brand.

Maybe Sutherland’s powerful concluding statement should be the mantra for all of us in the creative professions…

"Because there’s no stop in us, or you. Only go."

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