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Are You an App-aholic or Are You App-athetic?

I admit it. I’m fascinated with apps. Not that I really have that many. I do try to exercise some restraint in my downloading. But I marvel at some of the ingenious app-ortunities out there. (OK, no more bad app puns, I promise.)

I mean it really is incredible. A few weeks back, the new “virtual confession” iPhone/iPad app for Catholics got a lot of attention around here because a local priest (who once taught my children) was involved in its development and our Diocesan bishop was the first app imprimatur. (Would that be an appramatur? Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

I saw a commercial yesterday for the Buick Lacrosse. It showed an Android app that allowed a father presumably hundreds of miles away from home on business to do a diagnostics check on the family car before allowing his teenage daughter to drive it. Then he actually started the engine with his app.

It’s an astounding world we live in. And while it would be easy to get annoyed by all the talk about an app for this and an app for that, many of these are impressive marketing tools. After all, good marketing begins with the customer experience. Anything we can do to enhance that experience with devices that are convenient, functional or just plain fun makes the brand that much more valuable in the eyes of the consumer.

Consider this. Apple says there have been 10 billion downloads from its app store which consists of a mind-obliterating 350,000 app choices. According to CBS Sunday Morning last week, apps are the second to only e-mail and texting in terms of what we use phones for. Care to guess what comes in third? Talking!

Our agency has been involved in developing a few apps for clients lately. I have to admit this isn’t exactly what I had in mind when I decided on a career in marketing all those years ago. But you have to admit. The possibilities are app-solutely amazing.

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