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Experience Speaks Louder Than Words

When it comes to marketing, nothing beats hands-on experience. For physical products, this can typically be accomplished using product demos and trials. It gets a lot harder for intangible products, however. For instance, it’s hard to give someone the experience of good customer service until they’re already a customer.

This is also true in a lot of cause-based marketing. Until you have personal experience with AIDS, gender discrimination or drug addiction, it might be hard to fully internalize the importance of organizations dedicated to those issues.

This is a difficult problem that faces marketers; one that may not be solvable. However, it also provides an interesting creative opportunity.

Watch this PSA video by Volkswagen:

The danger of texting while driving is a perfect example of an issue that is difficult to really internalize without personal experience. It will take awhile before it “feels” wrong to us in the same way that not wearing a seatbelt does.

What’s interesting about the Volkswagen PSA is that they only gave the experience to a small group of people, but the novelty of what they did helped spread their message much farther.

If you’re trying to market something that’s intangible or difficult to experience, there may be an opportunity here. Think of creative ways you might be able to incorporate an experience into your sales process or marketing messages. That’s a great way to make your brand more memorable.

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