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Our Staff Bids Farewell to 2010, the Year of…

For our final article of the year, we thought we would answer one question: “What has had the biggest impact on marketing in 2010 and why?” Here is what some of our staff members had to say:

“What has captivated me the most in 2010 is watching the growth of smart phone usage and the subsequent proliferation of apps. Right now, everyone’s excited about the technology and, therefore, some companies are rushing to create apps just to say they have one. Which is fine. But, as is the case with most technologies, it will be interesting to see exactly where the app will take us in the coming years as it generally takes a while to really dial in the full marketing potential of such technology.”

Scott Tingwald

“The ongoing widespread adoption of social media by consumers drove the marketing world in 2010, because it continued to change the 'traditional' marketing landscape. The highest-profile example is the move by Procter and Gamble to pull out of soap operas in favor of social media campaigns.”

Andy Fuller

“I'd say that the market penetration of Facebook and the way they've leveraged it to change the way people think about the web has made the biggest impact on marketing. It's not just a website at this point; they've created functionality that, for better or worse, has changed the Internet as a whole.”

Nathan DeSelm

“I'd say that I think the ubiquity of handheld devices among the public has been the most relevant to marketing in 2010 and will continue to be in 2011. iPhones, iPads, other slate devices, iPods, readers like the Kindle that can browse the web and other smart phones are in practically everyone's pockets now. Christmas Day of 2009 was the first day the digital book sales outnumbered traditional books. All of this paves the way to a paperless future and a move toward more and stronger digital content.”

Brad Rosier

“Smart phone apps and social media have made a big impact on marketing in 2010. With the cost of smart phones going down and more and more people getting them now, it’s only natural that they would want the new apps. You can virtually do almost anything from your phone now. It’s just another sign of the times – they are a changing.”

Peggy Halfacre

"Mobile and location-based services."

Adam Kizer

“Although I have a feeling many others will choose this as a huge game changer in marketing, I couldn't pass it up. Facebook has ultimately taken a place in American pop culture and its contributions to marketing are undeniable. Here are a few fun facts to think about”:

  • Facebook has over 500 million users worldwide and 116 million in the US.
  • The average Facebook user:
    • has 130 friends.
    • clicks the like button 9 times.
    • writes 25 comments.
    • is a member of 12 groups.
    • becomes a fan of 2 pages.
  • Facebook hosts 1.6 million active pages.
  • 35 million update their status every day.
  • Facebook is 2nd only to Google in top website traffic.

“Basically, if you take the facts above and apply them to a marketing effort, you ultimately get a chance to gain exposure to a mass of people you wouldn't normally get a chance to reach. It's pretty amazing how information creates a chain reaction of knowledge and opportunity. And that is what I think made the biggest impact on marketing in 2010.”

Facts provided by HubSpot

Mathew Siecker

“Mark Zuckerberg: Time magazine’s “Person of the Year”. To me, that pretty much answers the question. Rather than social media as a whole, I would say that Facebook alone has had the biggest impact on marketing in 2010. I would have to imagine that when someone says ‘social media’, Facebook has to be the first thing that comes to mind for most people. Facebook encompasses everything about social media in one site – conversations, photos, check-ins, etc. After this year, I don’t think there is a single good excuse for a company not to have a Facebook Page. It used to be that if you can’t do it right, then don’t do it at all. Now, if you can’t do it right, you’d better figure out how you can and get your brand a Page.”

Lesley Langfeldt

"I just spent way too much time on my new iPad looking for friends on Facebook that could help me answer this question."

Ron Doyle

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