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How to Be Available to Your Audience

The opportunities for communication are greater than ever before, and new platforms seem to appear every day. Texts, emails, video chats, direct messages on social media, phone calls- the list seems endless. This variety of communication mediums has us all wondering: how do we decide which medium is the most effective?

The answer is to give people options.

In business, understanding your target audience’s communication style is crucial. Everyone has different communication preferences. In fact, this article from the Washington Post shows how companies such as Coca-Cola and JP Morgan have deemed voice mail obsolete and are no longer making it available to incoming callers. However, that does not mean that eliminating voice mail, or other traditional methods, is the right move for all companies. Audiences should not be given only one option. They should be able to decide from a range of communication mediums.

Knowing the preferences of your audience is only part of the process. It is also important to find methods that work best for you. It’s counterproductive if people call you but never receive a callback or email you and it sits unanswered in your inbox. Although finding a solution that works for both parties can be complicated, the outcome could lead to better connections.

Many companies list email addresses and phone numbers for employees on their websites. Some, like Villing & Company, even display Twitter handles and LinkedIn profiles. Companies should highlight the mediums that will ensure the fastest response from employees. It will benefit audiences and professionals.

Communicating with your audience should be easy, not stressful. Start a conversation with people, online or in person, to see which methods they prefer and monitor the platforms that you use the most. There is not a perfect way to communicate with people, but you can strive to get as close to perfection as possible.

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