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We Don't Need No Stinkin' Strategy

Creating tactics in response to a specific need or opportunity is easy. Creating a well-conceived strategy before developing tactical approaches...not so much.

While I surmise this has always been the case, I wonder if the instant gratification mindset of the contemporary business world (and society in general) hasn't further devalued the importance of strategic thinking.

A few months ago, a prospective client approached us about doing a website. When I inquired how the new site fit into their overall marketing plans, the individuals involved became impatient and, in essence, indicated that wasn’t relevant. They just needed a website.

Sadly, this situation isn't all that unusual. It takes time and effort to have a game plan. It is much easier to look at what competitors or others are doing and say "I want one of those." Can you imagine a good coach in almost any sport going into a game without a game plan? Of course not. Yet this is precisely what all too many marketers do. They have no strategy. No clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished and how and why. No forethought. Just an "I need it and I need it now" imperative.

In an earlier post, I reflected on the commoditization of creativity, how many marketers perceive that a big media buy is far more important than a big idea to support the communication of their message. I now believe that the lack of perceived value in the execution of a marketing message is really a symptom of non-strategic thinking.

If you don't know where you are going, I guess it really doesn’t matter how you get there.

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