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The Intern Experience: Grunt Work or Real Work?

Sure, most interns claim they've had a good experience. But have they really been thrown into the mix of an agency right away? Has the agency encouraged insightful and creative ideas from the "inexperienced" interns? Have those interns actually been told to put aside the "grunt work" and focus on tasks that will ultimately affect the client? I can tell you one thing that's for sure: my internship here at Villing & Company has.

It's a huge confidence booster knowing that everyone here thinks of my skills and suggestions as great contributions instead of just the "intern's ideas."

Since mid-January, I've been completing competitive and demographic research for clients. Also, I'm in the process of planning and executing events for one of Villing's biggest clients, McDonald's. I'm starting to understand the significance of social media and have become familiar with how to market events and brands through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. I've even sat in on conference calls with clients discussing video production ideas.

The best part of interning here at Villing is knowing that the work I put in for each project and task is, in fact, affecting the agency and client. I also think it's really fun to work with client accounts that I recognize and associate with such as McDonald's.

Another awesome part of interning at Villing is that I'm finally beginning to see correlations between my communication, marketing and advertising classes and the work that is done here. I now am 110 percent positive that the vocabulary words and concepts my peers and I thought were irrelevant are actually used in the "real world."

My internship so far has given me the valuable skills that are necessary to succeed in the marketing, advertising and PR industries. Everyone here at Villing has helped me excel in more ways than possible and I have no doubts that at the end of my internship, I'll have learned more than I had ever expected.

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