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Is Facebook Marketing Dead?

In the ever-changing world of social media marketing, questions like this are commonplace. Everyone is always looking for the next big thing, and if old techniques aren't bringing results then they must be dead. According to Facebook's own user statistics, there are 1.393 billion monthly active users and 890 million daily active users on the social media site. It certainly doesn't look dead to me. However, techniques are definitely changing.

In January, Facebook rolled out new rules regarding page posts and the organic reach that is available to them. If your page creates a post (now we aren’t talking about ads just yet, simply your regular old posts) that Facebook deems is too "promotional" in nature, it will not be served to as many users thus slashing its organic reach. All that is to say, it is becoming very difficult to get the same free marketing on Facebook that some have become accustomed to.

Here’s my question: how are you using Facebook as a marketing tool? If you want people to sign up, register, or actually buy products straight from your post, you may be missing the mark. Just think about how you feel when you see posts like that hit your timeline. Facebook is about engagement. That’s why you need to focus more on creative content rather than promotional, sales-driven marketing techniques when it comes to Facebook.

I have seen this in action. I help run a Facebook page for Teen Camp – a youth summer camp affiliated with the Missionary Church located in Goshen, Indiana. Over the past few months, I’ve had a few goals for our Facebook marketing. We’re behind on counselor signups, so I tried using a call-to-action button on our page to direct prospective counselors to our website. I combined this with semi-regular posts about upcoming deadlines. I also did the same once we opened up camper registration a few weeks ago. Care to take a guess on how those posts performed? Not nearly as well as the six-second Vine I posted last week.

My point is that Facebook is a social forum. People aren’t there to buy anything. They want to watch videos, look at pictures, and talk with their friends. That can still be a great marketing tool! You just have to strategically choose how you enter into the conversation. Instead of asking people to buy, share, or click, try posting a fun video. Engage with your clients by joining in on their online conversations. And remember, there is always the option to purchase advertising on Facebook if you’re really looking to drive promotion or sales. Still, a creative approach to Facebook posting can still be a vital part of your marketing strategy.

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