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Words. Words. Words. We all use them - typing, screaming, linking, searching, rhyming, or many times, confusing some words for others. I'm guilty of all of the above, which is a good thing because it shows that I'm actually still breathing.

But don't you ever just get tired of hearing or reading the same old words and phrases over and over and over again? Or maybe you just want to try and make sense of all the latest blog posts on Twitter and Facebook. Okay maybe that was a stretch, but at least now there’s a way you can make some pretty sweet images from your own words.
Imagine being able to pull all of these words together (whether negative or positive) and make something worth looking at? (Ahhh... I know you just exhaled a huge sigh of relief.) Consider the possibilities if you could make your OWN words look cool, even if other people don't really care to read what you are writing.

I know. I know. Everyone reads what you write. But now it doesn't matter if they like it. Just cut and paste your type and, viola, a gorgeous montage of your favorite article or blog. Shear genius.

Wordle examples

Now it's your turn. Go to and try it out for yourself. Try playing around with color, typeface, layout and if you know another language you can change that too. (I'm not that advanced.) Also, try pasting in all your thoughts, goals and dreams and watch them come to life! Now just print it out and stick it on your mirror or monitor to remind yourself (in an creative and aesthetically pleasing way) of all your hopes and dreams.

See wasn't that fun:)

Editor’s note: Mathew Siecker is a very talented art director at Villing & Company. Sometimes those of us who craft words for a living accuse art directors of viewing words simply as a design element. Mathew has demonstrated here that occasionally that can be a good thing.

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