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It's the Thought That Counts: Marketing in a World of iPhone Movie Studios

In 1993, during behind-the-scenes footage of the filming of "Pulp Fiction", actor Bruce Willis famously commented to director Quentin Tarantino that soon sixteen year-olds would have entire movie studios resting on their shoulders. He was, of course, referring to the accessibility and relatively low cost of home video camcorders in the early 90s. Well, technology has gone even further. The newest iPhone has arrived, and it's fitting an entire movie studio in your back pocket.

Using this slick piece of tech that's barely bigger than a credit card, you can shoot, edit, score and even export HD video. You can even publish it directly to YouTube if you want. Okay, sure it's not the best quality video available today. Nor is the editing software anything beyond the basics. But when you consider the tiny size and huge power of the fourth generation iPhone, it's difficult not to be amazed.

Some filmmakers have already tried testing the new iPhone's capabilities as a movie camera and editing suite. This short film was shot and edited exclusively using the iPhone and no other devices.

Sure the result isn't the most amazing footage ever, but it's way better than one might expect. Frankly, it's better than a lot of stuff out there that was shot on far more expensive equipment.

Talk about the democratization of digital cinematography! As the consumer gains access to better and better quality tools, it's up to us as marketers to remember that ours has always been the business of ideas, not high-end technology. The difference between the modern agency and the kid with an iPhone must be ideas. We just need to make sure we have better ones.

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