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Meet Villing & Company: An ode using 50 Beatles' song titles

The night before my first day as an intern at Villing & Company, I felt so anxious I wanted to twist and shout, but I decided to let it be. It was a hard days night, but I should have known better, when a voice in my head said, "don't let me down" and those anxieties quickly vanished as I thought to myself, "I feel fine."

Instead of rain, it was all "here comes the sun" on my first day. I said to myself, "I've got a feeling it will be a good morning." When I walked in, they said, "act naturally, it's just a day in the life." They reassured me, "it won't be eight days a week for you." If I needed someone, they'd be there to help. Everyone was willing to give me tasks and said to me, "do you wanna know a secret? All you need to do is think for yourself." Never saying "don't bother me" or "you can't do that", they would be there anytime at all. Learning from the agency how real world marketing works, every little thing I had questions about was answered completely.

Ask me why and I'll say, from me to you, that I'm down with Villing & Company because, when it comes to this agency, it's only love. I am appreciative of the real world skills I have acquired where I saw marketing and public relations come together.

Here, there, and everywhere, as I start my career, I will be able to put all I have learned into practice. The end of the semester is nearing and it won't be long until I graduate and the things we said today will be invaluable. When I get home and settle on Penny Lane, all I've gotta do is reflect upon my time this semester.

With a little help from my friends at Villing & Company, I will think about yesterday, and even though you won't see me, I know that I have gained professional skills that I will use in my life and throughout my career, and I wanna tell you, that you really gotta hold of me. Where I go from here, tomorrow never knows, but the long and winding road has been well paved by my experiences here. For the final something I have to say I call your name, Villing & Company, across the universe with words of love.

Good night and ob-la-di, ob-la-da.

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