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There has been an exciting new discovery of species you have most likely heard of within the last few years. This mysterious creature can be found roaming all areas of the world and its population is the largest of its kind. Not a lot is known about this animal and it's leaving many experts mystified.

It is the millennial.

By the way some marketers make it sound, our generation came as a total surprise to society. We've been around since the 80s. Did you really not see us coming?

Every week (or so it seems) a fresh new batch of articles find their way across the Internet published by journalists, marketers and advertisers fine-tuning their millennial-targeted strategies and know-how advice. They're scratching their heads and wracking their brains trying to solve the millennial puzzle, talking about us, in front of us, but very few simply take the time to ask us. Some claim to be millennial experts and they may be knowledgeable but who really knows more about me than me?

Maybe if they just asked and started listening, they'd know the vast majority of us aren't the lazy, narcissistic, self-entitled stereotype they make us out to be. Maybe then they'd know that we desire quality in a society that constantly demands quantity, that we actually care what brands and organizations stand for and that we care about the public good. We're innovative and proficient and proactive. We are passionate, open-minded, accepting and extremely diverse, coming from different backgrounds, different upbringings and different perspectives but we feel connected to one another.

So maybe the key to the ever-expanding millennial puzzle isn't found in educated guesses, strategic calculations or in any book but in listening to what we have to say.

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