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The Necessity of Self-Understanding

One of the biggest challenges facing marketers is demonstrating a fundamental understanding of what their company does and why. Some believe they understand these issues, but actually don’t (or can’t articulate them). Others freely admit they don’t have a clue.

Very few really know and "get it".

The difference between having an accurate self-understanding and not is the difference between a company that is positioned to grow and improve and one that is not. I believe an organization can’t improve if it doesn't don’t know who it is and understand both its inherent deficiencies and its unique strengths. Companies willing to investigate the mystery of who they are have a decided advantage over their less open-minded competitors.

So what are some ways I believe an organization can better self-discover and come to meaningful conclusions? Perhaps the following will be helpful thought-starters as you initiate your company’s internal discussion:

  • Why did we get into this business? What need was the organization created to fill?
  • Beyond being profitable, what do we aspire to achieve?
  • If we could be any company in the world, what would it be and why?
  • Are we doing our best? Really? How can we do better?
  • Are there resources available to help answer these questions?
  • Do our answers to the questions represent a truly honest assessment or are we perhaps kidding ourselves?

Self-assessment should be part of every organization’s on-going operational process – not only for marketing purposes but overall development and success. At Villing & Company, we are challenging ourselves with many of these same questions. That’s why we thought it might be valuable to share them with you.

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