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Preparing for Launch: Social Media's Place in Marketing Cyberspace

I think we should be looking at social media as more of a satellite instead of a launching pad. Satellites gather data, connect sources of information and deliver messages of all different types to a wide range of media. Doesn't that sound familiar?

I've noticed recently more and more companies trying to rely soley on social media to launch new products or campaigns. But what is driving their thinking? Is it the economy (being able to reach many people with little money invested)? Maybe it's a trend (it's the cool thing to do right now so let's jump in)? All these are valid points, but I think are missing the main component. A solid foundation.

When prepping your next campaign, think about the "launch" as your foundation. In order to get your satellite up in the sky transmitting your message you have to first invest in the vehicle and platform to get it there. Chances are putting more of your budget upfront to set up and build a solid brand foundation is going to get your social satellite much higher in the sky.

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