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Social Media for Business: A Panel Discussion

Villing & Company’s Andy Fuller was recently invited to participate in a discussion on social media for business for WNIT’s (PBS) Economic Outlook. Other guests included Elizabeth Cecconi, director of marketing and development for South Bend Airport; Chas Grundy, a web marketer at the University of Notre Dame; and Andrea Cook, owner of The Midas Center.

The discussion, moderated by host Phili Damico, focused largely on developing a proper understanding of the role and usage of social media for business. It includes insights on frequency of posting, managing a social media crisis, and measures of effectiveness.

Among the points Fuller sought to emphasize was the time-consuming aspect of any social media marketing initiative. While people usually think of the medium in terms of the instantaneous nature of posting an update or Tweet, true effectiveness of those exercises can only be achieved over time. Fuller also briefly discussed why not every business may be cut out for a social media presence.

Video of the episode of Economic Outlook is here:

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