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Some Examples of Swift Storytelling from Adobe

You'd be hard pressed to name a decent TV show, commercial, web video, or movie that didn't employ Adobe software at least somewhere in their production workflow. While Adobe does have a bit of a monopoly on the creative software market, there's no denying the quality of their products. Most marketers on the art side of things, myself included, use their tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects all the time.

Though it wasn't until recently that I discovered some of the excellent story-based advertising that the company has been doing of late. I love video ads that tell an engaging story with a solid point in short order. The recent videos promoting Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe's new analytics service, do just that. Check it out. I love the robot ad.

Finding that perfect balance between viewer engagement and a legitimate point in less than a minute is a challenge. And good old-fashioned storytelling, when done well, is still the best way to pull it off.

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