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The Genius Branding Strategy That Sounds Too Simple


You can come up with all the fancy branding strategies you want. But it all comes down to a tried-and-true method that might sound frustratingly simple. In fact, this genius branding strategy may have been overlooked by many organizations because it’s so obvious. It’s not new and shiny. It just works. Want to know the secret? Here you go…

Help your customers.

That’s right – actually help them. Solve a problem that they’re facing. Give them a useful tip. Lend a hand. Ah, but there’s a catch. If your sole reason for helping is to boost your own brand, you’re still not hitting the mark. Customers value authenticity, and they'll see right through thinly veiled attempts at self-promotion. If you focus on the genuine needs of the customer and help for the right reason, you'll see positive engagement start to roll in. Let me give you an example.

Since 1871, State Farm has built their brand on being a “neighbor.” Everyone knows the jingle – “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.” In June this year, State Farm introduced their new tagline – “Here to help life go right.”  So, in the summer months when major concerts and festivals abound, State Farm decided to go out and actually help people.

This article from Adweek describes how the insurance giant gave roadside assistance and personal items like toothpaste and shampoo to concertgoers at events like Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza. They also offered the “Here to Help” lounge which featured free storage lockers, Wi-Fi, phone charging stations and misting stations to help beat the heat.

Adweek reported that the activations reached an estimated 54,000 fans over the summer.

Did these activations enhance the impact of State Farm’s branding strategy? Yes, of course. But they were helping customers out in an authentic way. They were meeting needs and solving problems. That was the starting point. The brand tie-in is what makes it genius.

Summer concerts may not be your bread and butter. That may not be the target market you’re looking to reach. However, any brand can focus on helping meet customer needs in some way. Brainstorm some questions your customers might have and then try to answer them. Try to understand the needs of the market you’re trying to reach. Then go and meet those needs. If your customers see that you are willing to help, they will be much more willing to engage with your company’s brand and ultimately make a purchase.

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