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As I am nearing the end of my college career, I frequently think back on all of the classes I have taken, the late nights of studying and completing projects that I thought would never end. Here I am, spring 2013, in my last semester of college wondering where the time has gone. I have had so many great opportunities throughout high school and college which have all contributed to my academic, personal and professional growth. At the beginning of January 2013 I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to work as an intern at Villing & Company. Unfortunately I'll need to cut my time short because of the overwhelming amount of school work I have in front of me these final six weeks, but these past two months have opened my eyes to a whole new side of marketing and real life work experiences.

At the start of my time at Villing & Co., I sat in on meetings and was able to experience first-hand how the employees collaborated on current and prospective client projects. It was neat to see the relationships they build with each of their clients and how they tailor the work to fit the client's needs. I was also given the chance to learn and help with the McDonald's account. Knowing that Villing & Co. represented all of the McDonald's in Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan was impressive and actually sitting in and being involved in the planning for various events on behalf of McDonald's around the community was a great eye opener. I even had the opportunity to work at the McDonald's booth during the Expo for Women at the Century Center. Interacting with Expo attendees and helping educate them through the McDonald's quality quiz and answering various questions they had about the company was a unique and exciting experience.

The great thing about working at Villing was learning and doing something new every day. This opportunity has given me great knowledge of how a marketing communications agency really works. I am so thankful and blessed to have been given the chance to intern at such an outstanding company. As I end one chapter in my life and soon begin a new one, I will take this experience and the knowledge I have gained to help me as I move forward. Time is not slowing down, so enjoy every experience and soak in life a day at a time. Thank you to everyone at Villing & Company for this wonderful experience!!

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