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To Blog or Not To Blog, That Is The Question

Over the last five years or so, I have written quite a few blogs. And, like many bloggers I’m sure, I occasionally wonder if anyone is really reading them or if they are just falling into some black hole in cyberspace. Fortunately, I have great faith (some might call it ego) that my words occasionally find a home and actually resonate in some way with our readers.

This past week I had occasion to meet with a great law firm client of ours to do some brainstorming on potential topics for upcoming blogs. I was very pleased and impressed by the enthusiasm and engagement of many of the attorneys in the room. But since writing articles can be a time consuming process, the subject of effectiveness was raised, so I thought I would share with you my top three reasons why blogging is a worthwhile marketing endeavor.

  1. Search marketing impact - It’s really this simple. Search engines treat every blog as a separate web page. The more pages you have, the more opportunity for a wider range of relevant keywords and the more likelihood of turning up on search engine results pages. Furthermore, search engines love fresh content and reward websites that consistently deliver the goods.
  2. Thought leadership credentials - People have always been hungry for information that will enable them to make better decisions in their personal and professional lives. And never has there been a time in human history when information was so readily accessible. Despite this over-abundance of data, I believe the cream inevitably rises to the top and the people who consistently provide credible, compelling and relevant information and analysis are increasingly valued. Through consistent blogging, individual contributors can not only establish their own thought leadership credentials, but also enhance the collective resume of the entire organization.
  3. Public relations opportunities – Insightful and/or topical articles written as blog posts can often be cross-purposed or leveraged for PR purposes. I once wrote a blog on a media issue and the article prompted interest from news media outlets ranging from the New York Post to the Syfy Network. Just as aside, this cross-pollination can be enhanced even further by proactively “pushing” your blog posts out through social media.

Like any worthwhile marketing endeavor, blogging can be labor-intensive. But properly executed, the results can turn your efforts into a labor you’ll love.

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