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Typography (The Revival)

Words, letters, kerning, drop caps, ligatures & descenders are all lingo I associate with typography. Often times typography can be the design element that signifies your brand.

Recently the world of design is starting to revisit what most would call the lost art form of hand lettering, calligraphy, letterpress printing and wood type. Designers are using a combination of all these processes to create one-of-a-kind illustrations or visual language. What I really love about this is the focus on the simplicity of the shapes, words and letterforms to communicate the message.

Typography has also had a great influence on the way we design websites. Years ago, one would only see sites with boring standard "Microsoft" type. But now, with the wonders of Typekit, Google fonts and a host of other services, we are able to incorporate unique type directly into the design of our websites. This opens the doors for all sorts of fun ways to spice up your website.

In my opinion, this influx of typography and its use in design is a very special movement. The power of typography, letterforms and illustration is amazing and the options we have these days is unmatched. Next time you start your brainstorming process, give istock a break and try using type to tell your story. See where it leads you. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Here's a couple examples of the best of the best who have embraced this movement and some great resources for unique type options.

Best of the Best

Type Resources

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