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Who’s the new kid?

Every intern strives to make the most out of their summer to help improve their personal development. You do your research, prepare, and kill that upcoming interview. Then it’s your first day in the office, you wake up extra early so you feel more than prepared, and realize you have about three months to become impressive. You have three months to learn from the specialists, who will inspire you to exceed expectations. I’m sure many would agree that having textbook knowledge is one attribute, but actually being able to apply that to the field work is another. Internships are very important pertaining to experience. They help you map out your career plan and create a stronger network. Taking full advantage of those three months is crucial.

I will be going into my senior year at Wittenberg University double majoring in marketing and sociology. In my past work experiences, I have been involved in sales. This provided me with strong skill sets. I have always had an itch for marketing and sales, and wanted to acquire actual workforce experience in marketing. So heading into my senior year, I did just that.

Over the summer, here at Villing & Company, I am a marketing and public relations intern. I was inspired by the agency’s expertise, community involvement, and specialized knowledge in several key industries. So far I have gotten the chance to learn about the company as a whole and the different parts within it. I have been participating with different teams in the company and have been able to collaborate and contribute, to the agency’s efforts to help clients market their products and services. I love that I am able to engage and strategize ideas in our weekly meetings, making it exceptionally useful for me to see the inside of each project proposed.  I also have free range to take initiative, and express my curiosity to help gain more confidence in my own interpersonal skills. This internship so far has given me the opportunity to create media pitches, attend photoshoots, and dive into digital knowledge. I will continue to grow, and maximize my strengths within the company.

To all the interns out there, pride yourselves on being the “new kid”, because unlike high school it’s actually exciting to be us.

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