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Of all the services Villing & Company provides, who would have thought the current trending leader would be writing?  It’s true.  Writing may not be the oldest profession, but it certainly ranks up near the top.  But in this high tech age, it surprises even us that we have received more inquiries of late about our writing services than video, digital marketing or other more trendy offerings.  But then again, maybe it shouldn’t be all that surprising.

When you think about it, writing is integral to virtually all disciplines that are a part of content marketing.  White papers.  Blogs.  Public relations. Case studies.  Newsletters.  Even video and professional presentations begin with the written word.  And let’s face it, skilled writers are increasingly hard to find.  At the risk of appearing immodest, we consider ourselves blessed to have a corps of writers who can translate even the most complex topics to writing that is easy to understand and appropriate to the chosen target audience.

For example, we recently received several writing assignments from healthcare clients for use in newsletters, blogs and medical education pieces.  We are also talking to other clients and prospects about assignments in the educational and technology sectors.  It’s been a gratifying turn of events.  Obviously, reports of the demise of writing have been greatly exaggerated.  Good writing, like creative idea generation, will always be our core value proposition – and the foundation of effective marketing services.

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