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Would You Match Your Wall Color To Your Nail Color?

For those of you who do not get manicures or pedicures (translation, the male readers), you probably are not familiar with the OPI brand of nail products. OPI is known for its varied and vibrant nail polish colors, the outlandish names that they give these colors, (I’m Not Really a Waitress, Blushingham Palace, Call My Cell-ery to name just a few) and high quality products. While I was not able to locate exact market share data, OPI is certainly a major player in the multi-billion dollar nail industry and is typically recognized as the leader in the professional salon segment. Interestingly enough, OPI started as a dental supply company in 1981. Founder George Schaeffer soon recognized the potential of the burgeoning acrylic nail market and, with his knowledge of dental acrylics, moved the company in an entirely new direction. Undeniably a good move as OPI was acquired by parent company Coty in 2010 for a reported $1 billion.

I've long been a fan of OPI’s marketing efforts. They strategically partner with well-known brands or organizations, such as Coca-Cola, Major League Baseball and Ford Mustang to develop themed polish collections with the type of color names they’re famous for (Sorry I’m Fizzy Today, Right Off The Bat and Girls Love Ponies respectively). A very creative OPI branding video featuring a dancing horse has nearly 3 million YouTube views. They have also produced an app that lets you keep track of your favorite colors, "try on" shades and see new collections.

In what I think is a very interesting development, a new relationship with two national brands takes OPI beyond the nail industry. A line of Clark & Kensington interior house paint featuring OPI colors is now available exclusively at Ace Hardware. First off, this is a brilliant idea as it’s unarguably the female in the household who makes most paint selections. With statements like "glamour by the gallon" and "love your walls as much as your nails" the new paint line takes advantage of the popularity of OPI’s variety of colors and attention catching names. It seems so much more entertaining to choose Don't Touch My Tutu instead of ecru for the foyer, or I Eat Mainely Lobster instead of coral for the kitchen. Admittedly, many paint manufacturers have descriptive and sometimes creative color names, but not to this degree. In addition, I believe the product quality that OPI is known for will also play a significant role in the success of this new venture. I’m personally a devoted purchaser of Sherwin Williams paint and haven’t considered another brand in years. However, though I know that OPI is not the paint manufacturer, there’s a carryover quality association that, combined the appeal of the color names, might very well convince me to try Clark & Kensington.

The new paints are organized in collections that invite you to choose colors based on your personal style. Choose a selection from “The Artist,” “The Wild Heart,” or “The Romantic” collection. Now, is a paint color actually chosen based on self-identifying with a personality type or fashion style? In reality, probably not. However, almost all paint manufacturers create collections of some sort to group complimentary colors and I’m impressed with the OPI/Clark & Kensington execution of this practice in a manner that’s true to the OPI brand.

Conveniently, I have several rooms at home that could use a new coat of paint. I may soon be sitting in my Chick Flick Berry or Over the Taupe family room with a manicure to match.

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