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They Say That Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Fair warning. This article is of a more personal nature than what we typically address in this space. So for those who may be expecting our usual business/marketing focused writings, our apologies. However, since any business team is only as good as its talent, I believe you will still find some professional relevance.

Some landmark events in the life cycle of a business are bittersweet. Such is the one we are experiencing today at Villing & Company. You see, this is the last day of employment for Scott Tingwald here at the agency. Next week, he starts work heading the marcom department at the University of Notre Dame.

For those of you who may not know Scott, he has been a very important part of the management team here at Villing & Company for the better part of 20 years, most recently serving as our vice president of account service. During that time Scott made many valuable contributions to the success of our business, as well as to our clients. We are totally confident he will be equally successful at the home of the Fighting Irish. It is a wonderful opportunity for him and for his family, and a very appropriate move for him at this point in his career.

I guess that’s the bittersweet part. When Scott first announced his intentions to move on, it was a bit tough to handle. My first reaction was one of frustration and disappointment. Selfishly, I thought about the investment we’d made in Scott over the years and the impact that his departure would have on our momentum as an agency – not to mention more work for me and other staff members. But most of all, we were losing more than a valued employee; we were losing a great friend.

Over the next few days, we came to realize denial and grief were not the appropriate responses. Not only was this a great opportunity for Scott, but the fact that a prestigious organization like Notre Dame wanted to hire him for a very important position spoke volumes about his talent. While Scott deserves all the credit for growing into the outstanding executive he has become, we take pride in having contributed to his professional development. And, after all, isn’t that what running a business is all about? Like a sports team, it’s not enough for a business to recruit great talent. It is the development of that talent, individually and collectively, which leads to winning performances.

I am confident we will soon have another talented player to take Scott’s place in the Villing & Company line-up. That being said, Scott will always hold a unique place in the hearts of everyone in the Villing & Company family.

Scott, that place of honor will be forever yours. Now go make your name at Notre Dame. We are proud of you.

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