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Jay Mattern

With the ability to uniquely see things from both the client and the agency’s viewpoint,
Jay brings a fresh perspective to helping clients grow their companies. He has also been
known to run up the score on pinball machines.

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Jay Mattern

Jay delights in taking the complicated
and making it simple and effective.

Jay Mattern, Villing+Company CEO and former CEO of The Peoplelink Group, spent 32 years in the staffing industry. Under his leadership, Peoplelink had a compound annual growth rate of nearly 12 percent and became the 35th largest staffing firm in the United States. Part of that success came as a result of a well-developed marketing strategy followed by solid execution.

Jay is a strong believer in the power of marketing to turn an average company into a dynamic one, and his mission is to bring that passion to anyone who will listen. He’s also a fan of the “try it before you buy it” philosophy – prior to taking ownership, Jay was a Villing client at Peoplelink and obviously liked what he saw. With enthusiasm and energy to burn, there’s no doubt the Energizer bunny could never keep up.

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