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Social Media Marketing: The Good and the Bad
Collin Smith October 2, 2015
Brand success on social media can happen anywhere at any time to anyone. It just takes the right strategy.
Everything Old is New Again: Marketing Trends & Buzzwords
Thom Villing September 24, 2015
When you think about it, many of the hot topics in contemporary marketing are essentially reformulations or repackaging of earlier methodologies.
Dunder Mifflin: Analyzing a "Fake" Brand
Collin Smith September 14, 2015
Villing intern, Collin Smith, takes a look at Dunder Mifflin - the fictional paper company portrayed on The Office. For a fake brand, it has made a lot of actual waves.
The Accidental Tourist Brand
Thom Villing September 2, 2015
Beginning just north of Manistee and ending in a circle around the peninsula is one of the most picturesque highways you will ever have the joy of navigating. It is Michigan State Route 22, or better known as M22. It is also a brand.