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Don't Put Dirt on Advertising's Grave Just Yet
Thom Villing July 22, 2015
It is not my role to be an apologist for advertising in general or TV advertising specifically. But a couple of recent articles caught my attention and seem to warrant discussion.
Hashtags: #Overused or #Undervalued?
Aaron Charles July 17, 2015
Hashtags have become a major part of the social media culture. For marketers especially, hashtags can be a powerful tool in social media strategy - if used correctly.
Is the PURL a Marketing Gem Worth Exploring?
Lori Headley July 10, 2015
It’s been said that the most pleasing thing that a human can hear is the sound of their own name. Incorporating a PURL into your direct mail campaign may very well increase your response rate and impress your customers.
Challenging the Idea of Repetitive TV Commercials
Thom Villing July 7, 2015
I have been amazed by a trend that has evolved in recent years - running identical TV spots twice in the same commercial break. To me this is not only an incredible waste of money; it also represents an annoying disregard for the interests of the viewer.