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Tale of Two "List" Sites: Customer Service Done Well and Not So Well
Thom Villing April 9, 2014
Thousands of positive impressions can be made with effective customer relationship management. Thousands of negative impressions can likewise be made with poor customer relationship management.
Cadillac Need Not Apologize for Targeting Its Demographic
Scott Tingwald April 3, 2014
Cadillac has received a lot of negative feedback for their "Poolside" ad. Did they make a huge marketing mistake?
Advertising Age Releases 2014 Marketing Fact Pack
March 26, 2014
Advertising Age recently released their 2014 Marketing Fact Pack, which contains a lot of useful statistics and information for marketers.
Point/Counterpoint: The End of Advertising
Thom Villing March 19, 2014
Is the death of TV advertising near or just hype of the information age?