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Marketing Freeconomics
Thom Villing February 26, 2015
Is the the consumer the ultimate winner in this game of freeconomics?
Selling Sad: We Analyze the Reaction to the Nationwide Commercial
Aaron Charles February 20, 2015
Did you see the Nationwide ad with the little boy in it? Of course you did! We take a look at whether their strategy worked.
Why the Indianapolis Colts Paid Me to Attend the Super Bowl
Aaron Charles February 17, 2015
My name is Aaron Charles, and recently I won a contest from the Indianapolis Colts that sent me to Arizona on an all-expenses-paid trip to the Super Bowl with my brand new fiancée.
Strategic Product Placement: A Weapon in the Fight for the Consumer Dollar
Lori Headley February 12, 2015
Truly effective product placement should take into account both the product and the venue and weave these two elements together in a strategic manner.