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Why You NEED to Pay Attention to Streaming Media
Aaron Charles May 22, 2015
A new study predicts subscriptions to streaming video services will grow exponentially in the coming years. What does that mean for the TV industry?
Periscope, the Chicago Cubs and Finding a Balance with Social Media
Aaron Charles May 15, 2015
Social media is an amazing tool. It can help you engage your audience and create business solutions. However, those gains should never come at the expense of personal interactions and "home run" type moments.
Adobe Taking Their Marketing Cues from the Cable Company
Nathan DeSelm May 6, 2015
As Adobe begins dramatic price increases for their software subscriptions, you have to wonder: did their audience research indicate that people love their cable company?
A Biased but Apolitical Commentary on Indiana
Thom Villing April 29, 2015
In the last month, Indiana has seen substantial fall-out from the enactment and then "clarification" of the religious freedom bill. Deservedly so. Not because of the content or intent behind the bill.