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Happy Holidays
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The Necessity of Self-Understanding
Brad Rosier December 17, 2014
One of the biggest challenges facing marketers is demonstrating a fundamental understanding of what their company does and why.
Be Careful Promoting Your Products Over Twitter and Facebook
Nathan DeSelm December 11, 2014
Last month, the FTC charged Deutsch LA and Sony when the agency encouraged its employees to use their personal Twitter accounts to generate buzz about a PlayStation product.
Conference Room Revelations
Scott Tingwald December 2, 2014
Major changes in direction after the creative has been presented can be frustrating, but often the end result is worth it.
If Your Marketing Is Brilliant, Does It Even Need to Fit Your Brand?
Nathan DeSelm November 26, 2014
Sometimes highly viral marketing creative seems to have little to do with the brand or product it’s promoting. Does it even matter?