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Announcer Gaffes Cause Surface Tension
Scott Tingwald September 17, 2014
Imagine the frustration Microsoft must be feeling after paying $400 million for the Surface to be the “official tablet of the NFL” only to have their product incorrectly referred to as an iPad by the announcers.
My Personal PR Path
Danielle Faczan September 15, 2014
Our summer intern, Danielle Faczan, writes about how her PR learning experiences at Villing & Company.
Will Walmart's Savings Catcher Program Catch Your Attention?
Lori Headley September 9, 2014
I'm not a frequent Walmart shopper, but a TV spot on their Savings Catcher loyalty program intrigued me enough to investigate further.
Customer Loyalty Is The End Game For You But What’s In It For Your Customers?
Thom Villing September 3, 2014
Loyalty programs are great tools with clear benefits for both marketers and customers.