Villing & Company

Diverse Marketing Specialists

We Represent
A Diverse Client Base

Villing & Company continues to build relationships
with clients in a wide variety of marketing fields.
This gives us a fresh outlook on modern trends and helps us
avoid the tunnel vision that's possible when specializing too narrowly.

Our Perspective

We Value
A Cross-Industry Perspective

While we have specialized knowledge in several key industries, we believe
there is also great benefit in the cross-pollination effect of leveraging ideas from outside
those industries to create new opportunities and enhance marketing impact.

Our Focus

We Specialize
In Selected Core Industries

We're especially qualified in several key industries
due to our long-term experience in these areas. These include

  • Financial Services
    Financial Services
  • Healthcare Providers
    Healthcare Providers
  • Professional Services
    Professional Services
  • We also have extensive experience in food and foodservice marketing,
    education, transportation, faith-based organizations, manufacturing,
    sports, arts, technology and economic development.

    Your Customer

    Target Markets

    We Unmask
    The Target Market

    Research plays a large role in understanding what drives the behavior
    of a client's customers and key stakeholders and ultimately delivers valuable marketing
    insights. When serving any market, we become students of the customer
    so we can better empathize with their goals and desires.

    Our Performance

    We Provide
    Demonstrable Results

    Clients appropriately expect and deserve proof-of-performance.
    While it may be cliché to say we are results-focused, we strongly believe it is
    our responsibility to work with our clients to determine the key metrics
    that matter to them and orient our strategy for maximum impact.

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