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New Mercedes-Benz Ad Reveals Market for Luxury Cars

You may be wondering just who has deep enough pockets for luxury cars these days. Well, if the new Super Mario Mercedes-Benz ad is any indicator, children of the eighties, that's who. At least, that's the ripe demographic with whom the company's new TV ad would resonate. At first I was a little surprised, but then I took a hard look in the mirror and saw that, yes, original Gameboy owners are swiftly becoming old timers.

I remember when I thought people in their thirties were old. I also remember believing when people made "remember when" statements (like that one), it was proof they were ancient. Alas, if you were born in the decade when video game arcades still made a profit and want definitive proof that you've finally transformed into your old man, check out this quirky ad from the German luxury auto company. Just beware of those Goombas!

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